We Are Craving Redemption

Our need for redemption. (noun): In context, described as “the act of freeing, or being freed, or the state of freedom (from something).”

At our core, we are social beings. We belong together; we are nourished by connection. So much is going on in the world that keeps us separate from ourselves and others. Through the 2020 lens, the lens of a pandemic, of social and racial justice and inequity, of political polarization, we can find ourselves isolated and fearful. We easily retreat into a false safety as we hide from our humanity, blame others for our reality, and act out thinking we are brave and making the world better. 

As 2020 comes to a close, perhaps it’s time to seek redemption. In other words, how do we want to redeem ourselves and our relationship to others?

I was invited into my redemption from this YouTube video by a longtime colleague, Dr. Jandel Allen-Davis. I invite you out of the chaos and put it on hold, breathe deeply, and perhaps let the music in this video surround you as you think about 2021. Take some time, and decide how you want to show up and help our humanity heal. I encourage you to show up and celebrate who you are and how love, compassion, and courage show up in your leadership and your life. And celebrate, that through our humanity, we can create purpose, create trust, and move forward together. Your comments are welcome.

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Bruce Wilhelm, founder, will be happy to begin a conversation with you to learn more about your commitment to leadership and the results that you and your team want to achieve in 2021. He can be reached at bruce@boldlylivingleadership.com

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