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The Leader’s Role in Our Future

Every morning, first thing in the morning, I listen to the Daily Podcast from the New York Times. Recently I was captivated by a special episode introducing a new podcast project from Cheryl Strayed, called ‘Sugar Calling’. In the introduction Cheryl is interviewing her friend and writing teacher George Sanders. George is an award winning author known for […]

2020 – Be Curious

I’m reminded of an invitation from Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the bestseller ‘Eat, Pray, Love’. She invites us to stop asking people about their passion and begin asking them about their curiosity.  Since 2016 there has been plenty of passion showing up in world arenas. As a society we are finding ourselves more passionately and deeply entrenched […]

Let Yourself Be Seen

JK Rowling Offers Leadership Wisdom to Harvard Graduates Recently, in her commencement address to Harvard Graduates, author JK Rowling said she “wanted to talk … about the benefits of failure” and “extol the crucial importance of imagination”. Her choice to speak to the students on these two things – failure and imagination, made me curious. […]

The Eclipsed Leader

My oldest daughter, Kelly, and her family traveled to San Javier, Cordoba, Argentina to experience the Total Solar Eclipse on July 2nd. For many of us, me included, eclipses affect us at a deep emotional level. Seeing a total solar eclipse can be an once-in-a-life-changing experience. A total solar eclipse can evoke a deep emotional […]

Bruce Wilhelm – Boldly Living Leadership

Bruce Wilhelm has been a business leader since he took over his family business tree service in the late 1970’s. After transitioning the business to a new owner 20 years later Bruce embraced his passion for branding and interest in building businesses that actually work. Cultures supported by leadership designed to inspire employees, allow them […]