Bruce Wilhelm – Boldly Living Leadership

Bruce Wilhelm has been a business leader since he took over his family business tree service in the late 1970’s. After transitioning the business to a new owner 20 years later Bruce embraced his passion for branding and interest in building businesses that actually work. Cultures supported by leadership designed to inspire employees, allow them take ownership and thrive in the their work supporting the values and mission of the business. 

Today, Bruce and a group of purposeful coaches are launching an experience based leadership development platform that will engage leaders through experiences and training. Called Boldly Living Leadership this platform will disrupt old patterns and help leaders see themselves differently. It can give them permission to see their lives, businesses and people through the lenses of curiosity, compassion and courage. 

The results, it will help leaders discover that they have the ability to dramatically influence their business results through engaging their people in win-win strategies the promote the values where all the stakeholders can thrive.

The Boldly Living Leadership platform exists to create meaningful life transformations that inspire leaders to step into their full potential of intentional leadership to inspire results.

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